Our Yoga Place provides an exceptionally healthy environment to practice yoga. We chose vendors who are leaders in providing eco-friendly and energy efficient solutions to keep our school clean. SpectraClean (TM) Lighting, BPE Energy Recover Ventilators, and PEM Surface flooring are used to create an odor and germ-free environment, so students can focus on what they love. Practice yoga!

Our Yoga Place one of the first yoga schools to use SpectraClean ™ Lighting to keep studios and locker rooms disinfected and clean. Disinfection occurs everyday. Odors and germs are kept to a minimum. This keeps the school smelling great and students healthy.

State-of-the-art Energy Recovery Ventilators are used at Our Yoga Place. This system allows for
appropriately climate-controlled rooms with superior air quality. Yoga is about breath. Because of the Energy Recovery Ventilators, each and every breath taken will be fresh, clean oxygen.

Students will notice the flooring in our studios looks like spaghetti. It’s from PEM Surface Creations. PEM flooring is soft, slip-resistant, dries quickly, and antimicrobial. The antimicrobial quality guards against the growth of mildew, fungi, and bacteria. This means taking a class without odors. No stinky classes at Our Yoga Place!

Ready for a drink? Our Yoga Place has an Elkay filtered ezH20 bottle filling station available to help keep students hydrated. The system reduces lead, chlorine and other harmful particulates. This makes healthy, clean water available for students. Reduce the use of plastic bottles. Bring your own reusable bottle in and fill up with fresh water.

OYP is Proud to Offer Advanced Med Tech Therapy Services

EMS Back Therapy

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) therapy, also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation, is a form of therapy that uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscle contractions. It involves the use of a device that delivers low-level electrical currents to targeted muscles, causing them to contract and relax.

EMS therapy is often used as a complementary treatment for muscle strengthening, rehabilitation, and physical conditioning. It can be beneficial for individuals recovering from injuries or surgeries, as well as those looking to improve muscle tone, enhance athletic performance, or address muscle imbalances.

PEMF Cellular Therapy

Every cell in your body is vibrating at a particular frequency, has a specific function and maintains a polarity charge when functioning optimally. Energy is essential for cellular function. For instance, brain cells continuously send information throughout the day and utilize their charge in the process. The good news is that during deep and REM sleep, your body repolarizes these cells, allowing them to wake up and resume sending information. However, factors such as stress, lifestyle choices, and aging can diminish your innate ability to recharge.

PEMF therapy has demonstrated the ability to provide cells with an additional energy boost for improved functioning. It revolves around the frequency, waveform, and intensity of the therapy.

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