Private Yoga Training

This is the perfect option for someone that may have particular needs that can’t be met in a group setting. Yoga as therapy to decrease pain and recover from injury. Maybe you need to focus on yoga to create a less stressful life. We will give you tools and techniques for this. This can benefit you if you want to try yoga but are not comfortable in a group environment.

Here’s what you will get:

  • Postural assessment
  • Muscle imbalance assessment.
  • Assess neuromuscular strength and weakness that is a result of movement patterning over time.
  • Address the nervous system through somatic movement to help break dysfunctional muscular patterns to support better movement, range of motion and reduce pain.

Let's Find Your Perfect Instructor

Meet Nancy, a highly qualified and dedicated professional in the field of holistic wellness. As a certified Health Educator, Health Coach, and Life Coach, Nancy possesses the expertise to guide individuals towards their health and life goals. Furthermore, she is a certified E-RYT-500 Yoga Instructor, demonstrating her comprehensive understanding and mastery of yoga practices. Nancy’s genuine passion lies in helping yoga students unlock tremendous results and experience the multitude of benefits yoga has to offer. By combining her proven coaching techniques with authenticity, knowledge, and empathy, she creates a supportive environment where clients can thrive. Nancy’s positive attitude and remarkable ability to break down goals into achievable steps ensure long-term success for her clients. Nancy provides various options to cater to different preferences and needs. She offers group challenges for a dynamic and supportive community experience, small group learning for focused attention and interaction, as well as individualized concierge services for a tailored and immersive journey. Embark on a transformative wellness journey with Nancy as your trusted guide. Unleash your full potential, achieve your goals, and experience the profound benefits of a balanced and fulfilling life. Please note that individual results may vary, and it’s always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before making any significant lifestyle changes.

Joanie has gratefully made her living through yoga for 20 years. She’s endlessly inspired by its benefits to all bodies. Her classes aim to create a safe space to explore and understand each individual’s needs. She has studied the many ways to utilize yoga as a means to a better quality of living. She looks forward to gently opening a new door for her student’s well beings and kindly encouraging them to explore new things from within. Joanie gives love, compassion and her immense yoga knowledge to all students!

I have enjoyed the many benefits of Yoga through practice and instruction for more then 30 years. My goal for each class is to bring unity (yuj) between the body, mind and spirit allowing for improved strength an range of motion while focusing on all major muscle groups. I have trained in many disciplines of yoga and have settled into a style of gentle flow as I mesh the many styles together. With focus on the breath (prana), the poses (asanas) meld together to bring balance between strength and flexibility. Safety is always a factor in my classes, therefore, options are given for each pose to meet your body’s needs. Expect to experience meditation, pranayama and asana in each class. My knowledge of the body’s anatomy from my nursing background is also incorporated into my classes. As with most of the population, my body has limitations, and I have brought that understanding to my teaching as I am always appreciating my limitations and those of others as we allow healing through our practice of yoga. Yoga has been my lifeline in keeping me happy and healthy. Let it be yours. Come practice with me.