Sheryl Altman, originally from New York City, always dreamed of being on the Broadway Stage. Her life’s journey, however, led her on a different path…. law school, a corporate law career and life in suburban Boston with her husband and two daughters. The dream never faded and she found the stage in local theaters. One day her vocal coach suggested that she take a yoga class to see hSheryl is originally from New York City. She always dreamed of being on the Broadway Stage. Her life’s journey, however, led her on a different path. It was law school, a corporate law career and life in suburban Boston with her husband and two daughters. Her dream never faded. She found the stage in local theaters. One day her vocal coach suggested she take a yoga class to learn how it would impact her vocal skills. Upon that advice, she took her first Bikram class. The class was transformative. The heat, the postures, the breathing changed her in many ways. After each class, she felt her mind, body and spirit expand. Her passion for yoga propelled her to teacher training in 2016 in Huntington Beach, California with Craig Villani. Upon returning, she left the corporate world to teach yoga and it evolved into a full-time instructor. She now also teaches Mat Pilates, Barre, Dancefusion, and Aqua Fitness. Her number one love is teaching and inspiring her students with the healing power of the Bikram practice!

My yoga journey began in Santa Barbara, California. Southern California is chalked full of beautiful, colorfully tiled, Old Spanish Missions. I had the particular luck to live right next to one that had been converted from a monastery into a yoga studio. As a young, 23-year-old, living 3000 miles from home, I was parched for some grounding and stability. There I went to my first Candlelight Vinyasa Flow, and surrounded by jasmine incense and a dim glow, I was hooked. I did anything I could to be there as often as possible. I took every class. Eventually the owners allowed me to clean the studio and check-in classes in exchange for free membership. I relished in how yoga made me feel, and the clarity that it brought to my mind. It was almost as if vinyasa flow released the stressful thoughts I held hostage in my mind and released them with the sweat through my pores. It’s been over a decade since my first yoga class and I still feel that same surge of gratitude every time I flow through my practice. Ultimately, my goal as a yoga instructor is to bestow that same particular joy upon my students. To me, yoga is medicine.

Mona joins us from the North East. She has 3 grown sons. There she was the Philadelphia Eagles off season conditioner for 5 years. A multi-talented and enthusiastic fitness instructor of over 35 years certified in Yoga, meditation as well as physical fitness. Before Covid hit she was a 5-star Eli master trainer and three level stripe TRX teacher for Lifetime Fitness.
Having traveled through the country as MC for “The Reebok Step” competition with Nadia Comăneci for 3 years she had the opportunity to do seminars ,training ,television appearances , Radio and has also made magazine contributions . Her fitness specialties include Stott reformer Pilates, mat Pilates ,TRX, Spinning,Ste , Hot Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, meditation ,Ballet Barre, Power Train, HIIT weight training, and Bosu.

I have enjoyed the many benefits of Yoga through practice and instruction for more then 30 years. My goal for each class is to bring unity (yuj) between the body, mind and spirit allowing for improved strength an range of motion while focusing on all major muscle groups. I have trained in many disciplines of yoga and have settled into a style of gentle flow as I mesh the many styles together. With focus on the breath (prana), the poses (asanas) meld together to bring balance between strength and flexibility. Safety is always a factor in my classes, therefore, options are given for each pose to meet your body’s needs. Expect to experience meditation, pranayama and asana in each class. My knowledge of the body’s anatomy from my nursing background is also incorporated into my classes. As with most of the population, my body has limitations, and I have brought that understanding to my teaching as I am always appreciating my limitations and those of others as we allow healing through our practice of yoga. Yoga has been my lifeline in keeping me happy and healthy. Let it be yours. Come practice with me.

Joanie has gratefully made her living through yoga for 20 years. She’s endlessly inspired by its benefits to all bodies. Her classes aim to create a safe space to explore and understand each individual’s needs. She has studied the many ways to utilize yoga as a means to a better quality of living. She looks forward to gently opening a new door for her student’s well beings and kindly encouraging them to explore new things from within. Joanie gives love, compassion and her immense yoga knowledge to all students!

YOGA– Gina has been practicing yoga for about 10 years. She loves the mind-body connection that she experiences on the mat and has learned to incorporate that awareness in her everyday life. Through breath and movement, Gina has been able to transform her very stressful life into one filled with peace and calm!

A few years ago, Gina decided to share her love for yoga with others by receiving her 200 YTT Certification. She retired from her job as a high school Guidance Counselor in New Jersey and moved to Florida to change careers. She has been teaching and promoting the benefits of yoga ever since! Gina is a true believer in taking time to connect your mind, body, and soul! She is also a certified Meditation Facilitator and often incorporates meditation into her classes.

REIKI– REIKI is a Japanese therapy technique that uses Life Force Energy to promote peace and well-being in the body and mind. REIKI Practitioners are trained to use gentle hand gestures and movements to guide the flow of positive energy through the client’s body to reduce stress and promote healing. It is relaxing, gentle, and non-invasive.

Meet Nancy, a highly qualified and dedicated professional in the field of holistic wellness. As a certified Health Educator, Health Coach, and Life Coach, Nancy possesses the expertise to guide individuals towards their health and life goals. Furthermore, she is a certified E-RYT-500 Yoga Instructor, demonstrating her comprehensive understanding and mastery of yoga practices. Nancy’s genuine passion lies in helping yoga students unlock tremendous results and experience the multitude of benefits yoga has to offer. By combining her proven coaching techniques with authenticity, knowledge, and empathy, she creates a supportive environment where clients can thrive. Nancy’s positive attitude and remarkable ability to break down goals into achievable steps ensure long-term success for her clients. Nancy provides various options to cater to different preferences and needs. She offers group challenges for a dynamic and supportive community experience, small group learning for focused attention and interaction, as well as individualized concierge services for a tailored and immersive journey. Embark on a transformative wellness journey with Nancy as your trusted guide. Unleash your full potential, achieve your goals, and experience the profound benefits of a balanced and fulfilling life. Please note that individual results may vary, and it’s always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before making any significant lifestyle changes.

Gus Lauer comes to us from Memphis. He has been practicing yoga for 10+ years and teaching for seven. He has a 200 hr. Certificate to teach Ashtanga, Hatha, YIN, Vinyasa Flow, Gentle and Slow Burn (practice done with closed eyes). In his own words, “I began practicing yoga as an alternative form of exercise to running/spinning. Yoga has transformed my understanding of how my body reacts to stress in all forms; physical, mental and psychological. I firmly believe in the therapeutic affects yoga has on our bodies and minds. I further believe yoga requires a high level of practice, perseverance, attention and patience to experience the many benefits. You get out of any yoga practice what you put in. You determine!

Tom Palmer

Introducing Tom, an esteemed international yoga instructor, bodyworker, and healer. With an impressive 16 years of personal yoga practice and 15 years of experience instructing yoga, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his teachings. Tom’s journey towards personal transformation began with his own remarkable achievement of losing and successfully maintaining a weight loss of over 100 pounds. Now, at the age of 59, he embodies a healthy lifestyle that revolves around nutrition, meditation, yoga, energy healing, and an unwavering dedication to his ongoing personal growth. In addition to his extensive yoga training, Tom holds certifications as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT MA56892), is Board Certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), and holds the designation of Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200). These credentials further validate his commitment to providing exceptional care and service to his clients. Join Tom on a transformative journey of self-discovery and embrace the profound benefits of his holistic approach to wellness. Please note that individual results may vary, and it’s always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise or wellness program. LMT MA56892, NCBTMB Board Certified, E-RYT 200.

I’ve had the immense honor of serving Thousands of patients over my 27 years in natural health. First a chiropractor and now as a Doctor of Good News. My passion has always been to serve and teach others in living a pain free life using natural therapies. Join Dr. Mark DeBrincat as he shares his journey from surviving a head on collision to a heart attack, now only to share the good news of health and longevity with some amazing new technology that has changed his life and the life of his patients.

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Stone Statue Depicting a Reusi Dat Ton (Thai Yoga) Pose at Famous Wat Pho (Buddhist Temple)

Yogi sitting cross legged.
Bangkok, Thailand

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