OYP Services

OYP is proud to be offering the latest generation of PEMF technology new to the US market.  The SEDONA Pro PLUS+ is a combination of years of research and modern technology. This is the simplest but most advanced PEMF machine on the market.  We will determine which scientifically proven frequencies and waveforms (Sinusoidal and Rectangular Sawtooth, Multi Resonance and Impulse) that will best serve you.

All of us seem to “know” what to do to be “healthy”, but are we able to take the steps to become healthy?  Nancy offers the “secret sauce” to get individuals motivated and become successful in meeting their health and life goals.

Nancy is a certified Health Educator, Health Coach, Life Coach, and RYT-200.  She combines proven coaching techniques with authenticity, knowledge, and understanding. Clients enjoy her positive attitude and ability to break goals down into achievable pieces to guarantee long term success.

She offers group challenges, small group learning, and individualized concierge services.

Do you have aches and pains?  See Tom.  He practices the ancient art of Thai Massage to heal the mind, body, and spirit.  Clients benefit from his intuitive gifts of using the right techniques with care and compassion to improve overall health.

Tom is a licensed and board-certified therapist.

Through a partnership with the Firefly Within Foundation, learn holistic ways to take control of your life at Our Yoga Place.  Presentations are free of charge.  Donations are gladly accepted and support the Foundations mission to education school children about the basic principles of yoga.  To learn about upcoming events, follow Our Yoga Place and Firefly Within Foundation on Instagram and Facebook.

During the year Nancy’s Coaching will arrange guest speakers on related information to school challenges.  Presentations are open to the community and fees maybe included. Follow Our Yoga Place on Instagram and Facebook.

Looking for ultimate comfort and style in yoga attire? Forgot your yoga mat or towel? Maybe you’re a visitor who wants a memento from your visit to Our Yoga Place? Visit our boutique.

Statues Depicting a Nuad Boran (Thai Massage) Move at Famous Wat Pho (Buddhist Temple)
Bangkok, Thailand

Artist: Helissa Grundemann