Tai Chi Workshop

Saturday March 12 @ 9:30-11:30am

In this workshop you will be introduced to basic elements of both qi gong and tai chi. These internal arts are focused on developing an awareness of qi or chi in your body and the utilization of it to promote health and wellness.Participants will first be presented with basic movements of qi gong to help them become more sensitive to the flow of chi in their bodies. The movements are meant to be repeated over some minutes so that they can be learned muscularly and become more of a moving meditation.

Once this initial phase of the class is completed participants will be introduced to the 10-form of the Yang-style of tai chi. This is the practice most of us are familiar with from watching video or seeing groups of people in parks moving through slow elegant forms with grace and ease.

Throughout the practice you will be introduced to some introductory Taoist philosophy from which tai chi originates.

Your guide/presenter will be available for questions and discussion after the class. You are encouraged to stay and ask any lingering questions including clarification on movement or philosophy.

$35 Online Booking
$45 At the Door