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My story of survival began before birth when I was diagnosed with a rare health condition. Most children die within the first 24 hour of life. This condition severely impacted my ability to interact with others through my childhood ages and like a magnet, attracted heavy trauma.

As an adult I became an extreme introvert, a cyber geek focused on 0’s and 1’s believing there is nothing to believe in beyond my black and white reality of struggle and self suffering.

In my 40’s, with rapidly declining health, under heavy medication and using addictive stimulants just to push through intense stress each day.. a time came in the spring of 2018 when my deceased relatives began communicating with me.

For three weeks my deceased relatives talked to me and at the end of the third week I had my NDE (near death experience). It was at this time while laying in my bed that I felt my soul leave my body. However, rather than dying, an evolved version of my higher-self quietly stepped in to begin a life transformation so I could step into my true purpose for support of humanity’s ascension.

Communication with deceased relatives stopped that day and over the next 3 years I chased that experience. I worked on my trauma healing, healed my body, removing stress from my life. I read as much as I could, took reiki training and energy healing courses and slowly began to realize that I had very unique gifts that I now share with the world.