Watch "Our Vascular Health"

Join Dr. Mark DeBrincat as he shares his journey from surviving a head on collision to a heart attack, now only to share the good news of health and longevity with some amazing new technology that has changed his life and the life of his patients.

Learn about OYP’s new services and therapies.  Dr Mark will present “Discovering Vascular Truth”.  You will come away with a better understanding of your micro-vascular system functions.  The vascular system has become recognized as the gateway to either health or sickness!
Life is in the blood, now more than ever!  Finally, we have a clear picture of the actual function of the 99% of our vascular system they don’t talk about!
Learn about the GlycoCheck, a microvascular camera that delivers a functional health score. This technology has just been released commercially, after being used in advanced research labs for the last 15 years.


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