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Thank You for Requesting Your Special Offer $49 EMS Treatment Voucher.

You are one-step forward to relieving your back pain, so you
can finally start feeling better.

The next step is to schedule your appointment with your voucher.

One of the owners of Our Yoga Place, either Tom or Nancy, will be
calling you to help you get on the schedu

You can also call us right now at 239-360-2730 to expdedite
getting your appointment scheduled. 

This appointment will be a 1-hour treatment session using our
Advanced Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Therapy. 
This cutting edge German technoloy is amazing and beneficial.

FYI: This 1-hour Advanced EMS Treatment is normally
$150 per session, so please take advantage of this huge discount
while you can.

We look foward to meeting you!