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What our
customers say

  • Our Yoga Place Testimonials
    “I finished my first week ever of Bikram yoga. I’m obsessed! This yoga studio is beautiful. It’s owned and operated by genuinely kind, wonderful people....”
    Billie W
  • Our Yoga Place Testimonials
    “Our Yoga Place is the best studio I’ve ever joined! It has something for everyone - hot, warm, and cool. Bikram, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and so much. It’s all under one roof. I love it!”
    Adam R
  • Our Yoga Place Testimonials
    “I was skeptical about yoga. Since I started (Bikram, Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha), my IT bands, gluteus muscles, and back muscles have loosened up to the point that I can freely move my hips. I got my first birdie playing golf! I no longer have back pain after golf.”
    Jeff R
  • Our Yoga Place Testimonials
    “Everyone who cares about their health and well-being should not think twice about attending Nancy’s nutrition classes whether or not you are prepared to commit to a new life-style change at present. The information shared during this 4-week, hands on course is invaluable. Simply put, “It Really Makes You Stop and Think”. I enrolled in the class thinking I was more knowledgeable in this area than the average person; however, on commencement day, I sat back and mentally reviewed how much more I have added to my knowledge base always keeping in mind what kind of a difference this life-style change, “Eat for Life”, can make, and it will add to the longevity of not only my life but also everyone’s life. With what I knew and with what I have learned from Nancy, in my opinion, it was money very well spent.”
    Carol B.
  • Our Yoga Place Testimonials
    “Nancy is an amazing person and coach! She has helped me tremendously. She takes time her time asking the right questions and really listening so that she can create a customized plan for each individual client. She is very kind and knowledgeable!”
    Billie W.
  • Our Yoga Place Testimonials
    “Coaching from Nancy played an important role in helping me align my activities and values at a critical time in my life. Nancy's intuition, creativity, and steadfast commitment to holding my agenda were particularly impressive; and, after just a few weeks aided by her guidance, I experienced dramatic, positive shifts in clarity, health, and enjoyment. Thank you, Nancy!”
    Chris C.
  • Our Yoga Place Testimonials
    “Tom is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I recommend Tom 100% to anyone. I experienced immediate relief and have had several sessions. I’m so grateful for his amazing work. It has helped me feel healthy, open, and balanced. Thank you, Tom!”
    Kristina N.
  • Our Yoga Place Testimonials
    “Thai massage with Tom Palmer is magical! Tom has an impressive and extensive background in this ancient and fine art of healing. He has an uncanny sense of what is needed and is directly tuned into the client. He is able to address the client’s physical issues and accommodates needs with great sensitivity and caring. Tom’s every move is precise, powerful, and fluid. Your mind, body, and spirit will feel more energized, open and balanced. Thai massage with Tom is not a luxury, but a practice that should be a constant part of your self-care.”
    Karen R.
  • Our Yoga Place Testimonials
    Tom’s work has been transformative. It has helped me to deepen my yoga practice and I keep leaning about the importance of breath, not only in yoga but in life.
    Louise T.

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